Friday, July 1, 2011

University of Battambang

University of Battambang was found in1965 and inaugurated on October 31, 1968, under the presidency of King Norodom Sihanuk
-1975-1979: Pol Pot committees
-1979-1990: military training centre
-1993-1994: Handicap and UNTAC operations base
-1994-1998: teacher training centre
-1998-2007: National University of Management
-2007 University of Battambang (UBB) was established by Anukret 26 March 21, 2007
-October 01, 2008: Opening of University of Battambang (UBB)


University of Battambang is an international standard university in Cambodia. 
UBB’s goal is to educate the leaders of tomorrow in a wide range of fields through a balance of theory and practice, and the integration of real world experiences into the academic education.  

1. To educate and train students in science, technology, arts, culture and languages at all levels in accordance with the needs of the country, especially in north-western part of Cambodia.
2. To conduct research on social and technological issues, develop appropriate solutions, and disseminate the findings to communities.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Process of University

Studying at UBB

UBB encourages its students to excel.  Students are expected to explore new ideas and think critically about issues rather than simply repeat learned information. To do well, students will need to consult different sources and evaluate them from a critical perspective. UBB will assist students to gain employment with its well established curricula and its reputation as a leader in higher education. As well as preparing for a rewarding career, studying at the University of Battambang will help students to analyze, understand and contribute to society as well as to offer qualified human resources to the community,

Enhancing Students’ Degree with a Minor Addition

In addition to a chosen major of study, UBB also offers the flexibility for students to minor in another area to fulfill current job requirements while also broadening students’ knowledge.

 Enhancing Research Skills and Competencies

UBB is committed to developing and implementing strategies which are the driving force for future teaching, learning, research, leadership, engagement and evaluation. These strategies will ensure better educational outcomes for students, enterprises and communities. To this end, each student is given an opportunity to engage in an independent research project.  Students are then required to defend their theses as part of the requirements for graduation.

Enhancing Community Engagement
UBB has developed a University-Community Partnership Program through which students are given opportunities to work closely with communities in its reference villages, during their field work, field trips and internships.  

Student Support Services

Students studying at UBB are assigned an advisor who assists them in developing their course schedule, choosing majors and minors, suggesting opportunities for employment, and maintaining an awareness of job opportunities after graduation. Faculty members in each department make themselves available for student consultation.